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The Wolf of Congo: Prince Arnold Kufulula

Prince Arnold Kufulula also known as the Wolf of Congo, is an African Royal, World Leader, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Philanthropist who embodies the epitome of African excellence. He speaks in this exclusive interview with DARE AKOGUN about his plans for African development, excerpts ………

Who is the Prince of Bapindi?

His royal highness Prince Arnold Kufulula, known as the Prince of Bapindi and Wolf of Congo, will soon be crowned the 5th King of the Bapindi Tribe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Prince of Bapindi is an African Royal, World Leader, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist, who embodies the epitome of African excellence. His homeland, Kinshasa-in the DRC, and his Bapindi tribe inspire his courage, as he is guided by his ancestral roots to shine.

The Prince of Bapindi is a proud representative of African excellence, and what it is to overcome obstacles.

The Prince of Bapindi is a loyal and loving family man, all while balancing out being an African ambassador whose heart is connected and deeply committed to Africa.

He embraces his sense of duty to his country, his people, and his life mission. In 2021 he fought for the rights of Goma (a beautiful African city with the richest resources), to have cheaper internet.

The Prince of Bapindi lovingly supports victims of war with his non-profit organization “We Love Congo.”

In his memoir Wolf of Congo: Prince of Kinshasa, he shares his captivating life story. Raised by a billionaire family, when Prince turned 18, King Lambert lets him know “Had I not exiled your mother, you would both be in the royal palace, you are a Prince, the heir to the throne.

The ancestors chose you.” An exiled Prince three times, and homeless in America twice, Prince continues to stay focused on his destiny.

No matter his circumstances he has always been a visionary. At the age of 11, determined, he read his first stock market book. At 22 years old he grew his first investment portfolio to $1 million by investing in bitcoin and mainstream corporate stocks.


How is it growing up as a prince?

I was born poor, so it wasn’t until the age of four years old that I began to experience a royal lifestyle. At first I was confused, and mad because I was taken from my mom.

I couldn’t truly enjoy the benefits of the royal lifestyle because I no longer had my mom in my life. I missed my mom so much that every morning for breakfast I used to take to two croissants and save one for her hoping she would come back and we could share them together.

After years of growing up without her, I began enjoying the royal lifestyle which included access to over 30 cars such as Bentleys, Rolls Royce, Porches, and Mercedes. I had a fresh breakfast menu every morning and our 6 maids made whatever I wanted. It was like having our own restaurant.

I would fly in our family private jet from Kinshasa to South Africa just to buy my favorite foods, go shopping, and just to go experience better weather.

There was always A list politicians visiting our house, and we had the best parties every weekend.


You have been dubbed the new Malcolm X and Patrice Lumumba how does this makes you feel? 

Being dubbed the new Malcolm X and Prince Lumumba makes me feel honored. I am focused on continuing what Malcolm X and Patrice Lumumba started. I have been able to study them and learn where I can use my strengths to make the much-needed and deserved change for my generation.

Congo is a land blessed with numerous resources, but the country is one of the poorest nations on earth, which made analysts think the resources are a curse instead of a blessing, why do think this is so?

Decisions were made in the past, and I was not present to participate in any of those decisions that led Congo to be thought of as “one of the poorest nations on earth.” I am here now, and I am determined to focus on Congo’s present and future, assuring my beautiful country is respected and treated as one that has many resources that were made for my beautiful people to enjoy.


What do you think the government could do to turn around the fortune of Congo and ensure its resources serve as a launch pad for development?

I would like to see a more diverse group of people hired within the government that have an understanding and take action with the modern resources we have made available to make positive changes. These positive changes could then serve as a launch pad for development.


You attended the UN ECOSOC summit recently as a delegate what are your thoughts on the deliberation and how do you think it affects Africa? 

I enjoyed attending the UN ECOSOC, and it was an honor to represent the beautiful people of the DRC.

My thoughts on the deliberation and how it affects Africa include me seeing that year after year a lot of the same problems for Africa are presented, and there is little to no major change that caused it to repeat a cycle with not having any solid solutions.

The issue of Loss and Damage dominated the last COP held in Egypt which was dubbed Africa COP, how do you think Africa can position itself to leverage the gains and benefit from the funds?

Africa needs to return to our previous currency policy so its value is accepted throughout Africa.


You recently built an APP Royalty Noir TV can you tell us about it and what it seeks to achieve?

Royalty Noire TV is a premium African digital content platform headquartered in the Democratic Republic of Congo, having offices in Kinshasa, DRC, and Johannesburg, South Africa.

RNTV offers quality culture-driven content by Africans for Africans all in one place. With entertainment from RNTV studio partners, creators, and global African Influencers, there’s always inspirational and entertaining content to enjoy.

African diasporans can watch the latest Afriwood releases, original series, movies, and more. RNTV’s streaming service offers a wide variety of black entertainment from across the African continent.

With Over 1000 hours of original and authentically African content being published regularly, by black filmmakers, artists, and creatives, lovers of Afrocontent can now stream movies, documentaries, reality television, animation, music, and much more anywhere and anytime for free. RNTV leads in the promotion, support, and creation of premium content that tells African stories.

These rich narratives as expressed by Africans in the diaspora and across all 54 countries in the African continent.

The goal is to create real African history. Our ancestor’s history. I want Africans to be proud of who they are, and not have to leave the continent to be successful. They can make it and be successful in their homeland.

Royalty Noire TV is currently accepting applications for investors.



Dare Akogun

Dare Akogun is a dynamic media innovator, strategic communication professional, and seasoned climate and environmental sustainability journalist with over 10 years of influential contributions to the media industry.

He Currently serving as the Head of Digital Media, Senior News Editor, and a presenter at Sobi FM 101.9, a leading radio station in Ilorin, Nigeria.

Dare is on a mission to leverage his media innovation expertise and project management skills to produce high-quality, accurate, and engaging content, while advocating for reduced fossil fuel consumption, especially coal, to combat effect of global warming.

He has covered comprehensively environmental issues and COP conferences, including COP28 in Dubai last year , COP 27 in Egypt, and the United Nations Least Developed Countries conference in Doha, in 2023.

He is a recipient of fellowship to be part of a 15 team of journalists selected worldwide to cover the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2024.

He has a Master's Degree in Mass Communication, from the University of Lagos, a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Lagos State University and also a
Certification in Business Administration and Management, from the Babson College, Massachusetts, United States of America.

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